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Our clients are successful because they know what they’re good at, and they hire us to take care of the rest. This trust is the reason why companies continue to work with us, time and again.

"We have been using Corporate Psychologists' services for over 13 years. In 1999, after concluding the firm we were previously working with no longer fulfilled our needs, we conducted a search to find a new firm who could help us strengthen our company. As a fast -growing company, we had simply outgrown the capabilities of our previous firm. After interviewing a broad spectrum of candidates, we found Corporate Psychologists. What impressed me immediately was the strong list of fast-growing companies they had served (and continued to serve) for many years. His clients are some of the most respected companies.

Corporate Psychologists took the time to get to know our company, our people, our goals and challenges very well. As a result, Corporate Psychologists have been excellent at understanding where we are going, and anticipating our needs. They have been superb at recommending and applying the right tools to help us reach our goals faster. They have helped us to strengthen our company significantly, and I highly recommend them."

Myron J. Moser - President / CEO Hartfiel Automation Inc.

"Corporate Psychologists’ unique advantage is that they are a small shop with Big Shop Expertise and Big Shop technology. Because of that, they are able to tailor talent management solutions to our specific needs, while not requiring that they sacrifice anything on the expertise, and technology side of the equation. Also, specifically because of this, they have no obstacles to serving us, or any client, anywhere in the world. They made it a point to become well versed in the culture and needs of our organization and the specific positions before rendering their professional opinion, and have a fabulous track record for accurate output."

Karen McKenna -  Executive Director, Human Resources Presbyterian Homes and Services