Project Manager Evaluation and Development

Reduce costs and ensure
accountability in every project

Achieving next level growth for organizations often depends on expert project managers who can successfully deliver on critical initiatives. Too often though, growth is derailed, opportunities are lost, and millions in revenue is wasted due to ineffective project management.

Putting into the hands of your project managers the tools they need to proactively address problems and ensure accountability will reduce the risk of critical projects being derailed. Our research-based, competency-driven tools help ensure that project managers are finishing projects on time and within budget, and will help ensure team members stay focused on key objectives and the delivery of high quality results to their customers.

The human element can be one of the most risk laden aspects of effective project management and the most difficult to navigate for many project managers. Our innovative tools provide project managers with valuable feedback they need to increase their leadership effectiveness and bring the ambiguous, and often challenging, human elements of project management into sharper focus. Our unique, innovative assessment tools provide actionable feedback to project managers on their leadership skills, team dynamics and customer satisfaction.

The Project Manager Evaluation can be used to:

  • Increase accountability and performance for every key project and initiative in your organization
  • Identify the strengths and bring clarity to the development needs for individual project managers and their team
  • Follow individual project manager’s performance and capture data across multiple projects to identify trends and patterns
  • Compare performance data across groups of project managers to identify common strengths and training needs
  • Helps to guide and facilitate data informed discussions during post project team debriefings