360 Degree Feedback Survey

Feedback as a foundation
for organizational success

Employee development hinges on receiving relevant feedback from multiple perspectives. In order to further their professional development, employees need and want actionable feedback. Our 360/Multi-rater surveys provide meaningful insights into critical behaviors that drive success at all levels of the organization. Our reports offer key and relevant feedback necessary for employees to be successful in their professional development. The 360 process facilitates a safe and interactive platform that encourages conversations between employees and managers and provides feedback which may not be easy to give in other contexts.

Our group reports and advanced analytics provide you with deeper insights into the training and development needs across key contributors in your organization, enabling you to best leverage your investment of time and resources.

Each 360 provides an action-planning guide that directs you through the development process. The guide helps people successfully transition from receiving feedback to implementing development plans.

Degree Feedback Survey